To wait or to expect?

Approaching the end of 2022, as a team we ended the year together during tje Christmas team event. We looked together back on last year. What a year... so much has happened and so much is still happening.

A little further away from us, the war, close by, prices soaring. In your family the worries around the impact of all this, etc. While looking back as a team, there are worries because you have no influence on some issues. So is it best to just wait and see? Wait and see is not an option for us. For next year, we want to look forward and take steps.

Even though we don't always know what is to come, we want to look forward to 2023 as a team, but also together with you, the consumer. For instance, we are busy developing new products, we are going to expand our team (maybe with you) and we are going to focus on sustainability in the broadest sense of the word. We are not waiting, but keep looking ahead to what great things 2023 will bring us!