Frequently asked questions


What is the difference between the E-bike and normal universal adapter?

The difference between these two adapters is the method of mounting on the rear carrier. When the battery is integrated into the rear carrier, you cannot attach the normal universal adapter, for this you need the E-bike variant.

On what kind of bike will this carrier fit?

This front carrier fits well on a 26- or 28-inch bike.

Does the Baby-Mee bike also fit in the cargo bike?

You can attach the Baby-Mee bike to a cargo bike by first installing a universal adapter in the cargo box, this imitating a rear carrier. You should first check whether there is enough space in the cargo box. This carrier can also be mounted on the rack of your bike, provided it is ISO11243(25kg) approved.

Does my car seat fit on the Mini-Mee?

We tested a lot of car seats for you on the Mini-Mee. Look of your car seat fits on the Mini-Mee.

On what kind of rear carrier does the universal adapter e-bike fit?

The universal pannier rack adapter fits on carriers with a width between 110 and 175 mm (outside-outside).

Does the Monkey Mee fit on the AVS or MIK system?

Yes definitely, our Monkey Mee mounts well on an AVS as well as a MIK system.

On which rear carrier will the Baby-Mee Bike fit?

The Baby-Mee can be mounted on rear carriers with a width between 135 and 180 mm, provided the rear carrier is ISO11243(25kg) approved.

Fits my car seat in the Baby-Mee?

We've tested a lot of car seats for you on the Baby-Mee. Look of your car seat fits in the Baby-Mee.

By what wheel size can I use the Bike stable?

26 inch bike: max. wheeldiameter ca. Ø 66 cm, incl. tire (article nr. 50.160.11) 28 inch bike: max. wheeldiameter ca. Ø 71 cm, incl. tire (article nr. 50.162.11)

How do I open the belt from the Commuter - Mee?

Place your fingers under the plastic clip and pull the clip toward you.

On which rear carrier does the universal adapter fit?

The universal adapter fits on a rear carrier that have a width between 36 to 145mm (outside-outside). Lock bolt outside 36 - 100mm, lock bolt inside 100 - 145mm.


Could I order a lost part from you?

Lost a part, it can happen.

The price for our service items is €9.95 each. This price includes VAT, order and shipping costs.

You can order our service parts directly from us by transferring the amount to our account number NL81TRIO 0379 2708 11 - BIC: TRIONL2U in the name of Steco Stroe. Please mention the desired article number and your address. After receipt of your payment you can expect the ordered part within 2-3 working days.

Can I buy a product directly from you?

Our products could you buy in bicycle stores and online. Therefore, buying a product directly from us is not possible, except for service products.