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Front racks

STECO develops, produces and sells a wide range of racks. Besides our standard collection we deliver custom made racks just in time, of high quality and in every finish.


  • Original product
  • Short lead time
  • Any colour painted
  • Small MOQ
  • EN14872 approved            


  • High quality
  • Different types
  • EN14872 approved
  • Short lead time
  • Small MOQ                           

Custom made

  • ø 8 - 25 mm tube
  • Custom made
  • Light weight (HSL Ferro)
  • Any finish: paint, KTL, zinc plated etc.
  • Short leadtime


STECO combines the knowledge of craftmanship with the latest technological developments. This last know-how and passion for our profession resulting in innovative and practival solutions that will increase the fun of cycling.