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About Steco

Steco: always on the move

What could be simpler than a bicycle? Isn’t it just a frame with two wheels, pedals, a chain and handlebars? Even so, this phenomenon is what the people at Steco are focused on every day. How can we make bicycles even more convenient? Or, more specifically, how can we make it easier for you to take all kinds of things along on your trusty two-wheeler?

This challenge has been fascinating us for 86 years. By now, we have accumulated extensive experience and expertise: knowledge that has been passed down over four generations. Steco is a real family business. But even though its name has never changed, both Steco and the world around us are always on the move. New challenges call for new solutions in mobility. Solutions in the form of smart, reliable products made of high-grade steel enhanced with almost 85 years of experience: products made by Steco!

Smart and reliable: these are the typical characteristics of our products. Whether it’s a reliable crate carrier for carrying wide items on the rear rack or an innovative solution like our buggy carrier, Steco guarantees the quality of its products. Interested in our products? Take a look at our catalogue.